Compare PalletWatch Licences

Access your pallet accounts anywhere, anytime You get a highly automated, easy to use online system which can be up and running within 24 hours. No software to install, unlimited users and regular, free updates. PalletWatch combines the power of an SQL database with the latest online technology. Simple annual fee makes it easy to get started. Sign up for PalletWatch today and you'll appreciate how well it works for you.

Low cost licence for low volume single site accounts
Suitable for single site warehouses who want to track and reconcile their pallets (CHEP and Loscam) and other incoming and outgoing equipment in one simple online system. This offers site management and reconciliation at an affordable price for a single site warehouse with limited monthly transactions.
Manage one CHEP and/or one Loscam Account
The Standard licence gives you access to our highly automated system which helps reconcile your CHEP and Loscam accounts. It is a real time saver for pallet controllers.
Additional Site
Add an additional site to a standard licence
Every account which does not qualify for a Lite licence needs at least a Standard Licence which covers one site. If an account has PalletWatch users located at more than one site then Additional Site licences are required. Data keyed into additional sites use the same powerful SQL database as the Standard licence - no clunky master-slave operations to worry about. All your data is in one place ready to be reconciled.

All Prices are yearly GST included. * Additional pricing may apply for high volume accounts. ** Average of 40 docket transactions or less per month.

All licences include the following benefits:

What do you need to get going?

Very little – a reasonable internet connection and a current internet browser. We look after all the setup at no charge and we get your staff up to speed quickly. Training requirements are minimal as PalletWatch is so easy to use.

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